What will you find in this site?

Muktimarg - the Road to your freedom.

Prabhu Yeshu Granth - the new Hindi Bible translation. In these inspired Holy Scriptures you will find the True Path of Freedom.

Mahagaatha - The story of Sanatan Guru Yeshu Maharaja written in the poetical style of couplets. The written form will be uploaded very soon. In the meanwhile you can listen to Marmasparshi and Milaap - bhakti songs composed for each event written about in the Mahagaatha.

Aradhna Band's music videos - each carrying a special inspiritaional message.

Aradhna's audio albums of their melodious bhajans - Satsang ; Naam Liyo Re ; Amrit Vani ; Marg Darshan.

Kshama Sagar Bhakti Mala which is a compilation of Yeshu bhajans.

Watch the video Dayasagar - the story of Prabhu Yeshu embedded from Youtube.

Watch Khoj the video of the pilgrimage of Pt Dharm Prakash Sharma in his quest for truth.

Watch the photos of Joshua Herum of beautiful people and places in the Image Gallery.





The slideshow below is a collection of people, places and cultural events in the Hindi region






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